12 May 2010

jamie house design

hey friends!

i launched my new business this week! exciting times for me! i'll be blogging from their from now on. it's lonely there right now...it's hard to get a new site up & running. so stop by & say hello please lovelies! add this new address to your readers as well, www.jamiehousedesign.com.

jamie house design is a virtual interior design firm, meaning that i design a room for you without going to your house or meeting you in person. we chat about your space, you fill out my House Inquiry & get me dimensions, then i get you paint colors, lighting, flooring, furniture, fabrics, ect to pull the room together yourself. :)
i'm SO excited to FINALLY get this up & running!

i have a facebook page! i'd be SO EXCITED if you joined that one too:D

soon this site will redirect you over there. thanks for all of your support. you guys mean the world to me, i hope you follow me over there! i'll continue reading & following you guys as well!

i love you to pieces!!

26 April 2010

i've been hanging out at tumblr lately

yes i do

it's just so much faster than blogger when you're pressed for time...i'll come back here too, just not as much. i'm not abandoning, just figured i'd let you know where i've been:)
http://jamiehouse.tumblr.com/ -you can still follow it in blogger if it's easier. but tumblr's fun, you should try it.

plus, i'm launching a new business next week, i've been working like crazy on it. i'll let you know the details sooooon.

me & my girl


19 April 2010

i'm still here!

hello today

i haven't abandoned this blog! promisesss! just working REALLY hard on other things, life ya know.

here's some things...
  • i started getting up early to work out today. i'm going to try this 5 days a week for a month. i have to give it a month to give it a fair shot. today was reallyyyy good, but i'm sooo sleepy right now.
  • it's been gloomy rainy & i kind of like it.
  • my flowers are mostly dead, i want to make our patio SUPER cute this weekend. i've been on the hunt for patio furniture but no luck yet. of course i have in my head EXACTLY what i want, white round patio table & 4 wicker chairs that i can spray paint turquoise. cuteness.
  • we saw a super fun concert in boston, it's rare to just go to a concert & see a band that you really dig. i even bought the cd at the show, RARE, when was the last time i even bought a cd??? 1992??? :) here they are! kingsley flood. they can rock more than the song below, i'm really into them. i like old school country music. i do.

  • i hit a BIG wall of depression for the past little bit. i hate when that happens. my old acquantance just sneaks in w/out me realizing. i'm fairly non functional & a real drag to be around when that happens. poor mister, he's a sweet man. but for some reason the clouds started clearing yesterday & things are even better today. depression is a strange creature. (i'm not clinically depressed btw...although some have suspected & possibly diagnosed post traumatic stress disorder, but i ignore them & assume i'm over it;)
  • i missed a sweet boys birthday b/c i didn't put the EXACT time in my calendar, bummer.
  • but i got to hang out with the mister & a sweet girl on saturday.
  • we've started planning our trek to montreal for my college roomates wedding! exciting & also stressful, i can't wait for the day when i don't worry about $ anymore.
  • i got some cute liberty of london jammies at target, adorableness. i loveeee cute jammies. i collect vintage nightgowns, they're so pretty & romantic.
  • i dyed my hair this weekend, red again. it's DIFFERENT. it's really dark & kind of maroon. it'll fade, i'm not concerned. but i know when people compliment me they're just being kind, & i appreciate it.
  • i'm taking my pops to see neil young in early june. excited! i'll miss the flaming lips that weekend, but it's not so bad since i saw them new years eve.
  • i can't wait to live in a house!
happy day my darlingssss!
{i lost a follower :( sad dayyyy} but i'm soooo happy the rest of you have joined me!! yay you!!


11 April 2010

i love movies

i'm not sure how i feel about ANOTHER sex & the city movie...but i like me some aiden;) i also WISH WISH WISH that the satc movies would stop it with the lame music. those women are much cooler than the music, i'm afraid they've lost so much character development in the movies, there's too much focus on the clothes & lifestyle. the clothes & lifestyle were supporting roles in the show, that's why it was so cool. now the outfits trump the actors. bummer.

by now i'm sure you're all well aware of my love affair with eat pray love. it's nearly my bible. so i was BEYOND excited to hear elizabeth gilbert speak, i even just finished her latest, committed. which is also quite thought provoking & also magically in rhythm with where i am in my life right now, just like eat pray love. i was excited & hesitant when i heard eat pray love was being made into a movie. here's the trailer.

i'm SUPER disappointed that julia roberts plays elizabeth. julia roberts. bleh. julia roberts is NOT elizabeth. even in the trailer, it's just julia playing yet another lost woman looking for something.
i'll watch the movie AS SOON as it comes out...but it's got a lot to live up to. i'm talking to you, julia.

i'm off to a magical tour of the epperson building with mr. cuteness:)
happy sunday!


09 April 2010



me & the mister are going to the yeasayer concert tonight & i'm SO excited! i really loveeee them. i hope you listen to them & fall in love too:)

btw...should i keep the glasses & put my prescription in them or just keep them up for sale? i think i love them...

any big plans this weekend? i'll be working most of it...sooo i'll just live through you fun cuties:)


08 April 2010

sneak peek

our boston fun. i have TONS more to go through. boston is a cool city. i didn't fall in love with it, like my love affair with new orleans & san fransisco. but i like it alot & i LOVE being able to go all about town without a car. we went everywhere we could think to go via subway & walking. fun fun times with that cute man.

above is our yummy gelato from the north end & then us enjoying the amazing weather in the grass on bunkerhill, imagining everything that had taken place in the very spot we were laying. it must be cool to actually live amongst so much history.

i have a HUGE lifeline (instead of deadline, via danielle laport, being that this dream is anything but dead) that is set to launch may 1st...except i'm changing the launch date to may 3rd. i'll be doing the warrior dash May 2nd so i won't be in town for the excitement & i MUST be in town for it. so look for it may 3rd. all of my hard work & absence from my online existence will become worth it:)

i hope you all had an amazing easter weekend! i can't wait to catch up with you all:)


01 April 2010

happy weekending!

happy easter pretties!

i'm off to boston for a fun anniversary trip! i've never been! i've never even been to the northeast region of the states at all. can you believe it? i'm stoked! i'll blog more when i get back:) i have exciting suprises up my sleeve!

any tips on where we should go in boston? any of you pretties from there? email me or comment here!
thanks darlingsss!!!


29 March 2010

crazy heart

crazy heart.

all images from google images.

i saw crazy heart this weekend. i am so in love. this movie moved me like a movie never has. i can't get it out of my head. i'm going to have to see this one again, then own it. i don't even know how to explain how it moved me. but it's got me thinking a lot about my own life. (let's be clear, this movie does not relate to my own life...it just got me thinking)

jeff bridges is phenomenal (he won best actor for this portrayal, did you know). so is maggie gyllenhaal. the soundtrack brings tears to my eyes, as do these pictures. unexplained tears.

go see it. i didn't know much about it before i went, which is best i think. so just go see, don't over analyze whether it's worth seeing or not, whether so & so liked it, or blah blah blah. just go see it.


26 March 2010

hey there ho there

i just listed this cutie cute cute vintage paper pack in MimiLane Vintage. it has tons of my favorite papers & some amazing vintage wallpapers! perfect for scrapping & art journaling! i only have 8 sets & when they're gone, i won't have ANY more ever again.

here's some pretties for a happy weekend.
1. Day 6/365 - A day at the beach, 2. 89|395, 3. New Vardo, 4. Fantastic Mr Fox_18, 5. Wonder of You, 6. Untitled

me in some fun glasses you can find in my shop:) happy weekending!

21 March 2010

what would mary poppins do?

(images via weheartit.com)

i ask myself that everyday.
what would mary poppins do?


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