12 May 2010

jamie house design

hey friends!

i launched my new business this week! exciting times for me! i'll be blogging from their from now on. it's lonely there right now...it's hard to get a new site up & running. so stop by & say hello please lovelies! add this new address to your readers as well, www.jamiehousedesign.com.

jamie house design is a virtual interior design firm, meaning that i design a room for you without going to your house or meeting you in person. we chat about your space, you fill out my House Inquiry & get me dimensions, then i get you paint colors, lighting, flooring, furniture, fabrics, ect to pull the room together yourself. :)
i'm SO excited to FINALLY get this up & running!

i have a facebook page! i'd be SO EXCITED if you joined that one too:D

soon this site will redirect you over there. thanks for all of your support. you guys mean the world to me, i hope you follow me over there! i'll continue reading & following you guys as well!

i love you to pieces!!


Magpie said...

I saw it! It looks amazing! You just wait until I have a space of my own and the money to get you to design it for me!


one sydney road said...

Wow...how exciting!! A big congrats :)!! Off to check out your new site!

Auburn Kat said...

CONGRATS!! How exciting for you!

BuenoBueno said...

i love it!!!! meant to tell you sooner!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

I think this is a smashing idea!!!!!

Green Pickles said...

What a great idea! Good luck with it all. So excited for you!


C'est La Vie said...

congratulations!!! that's fantastic :)


ps i'm on my way to check it out now

House Extension Design said...

Hi friends,

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